Jagoes Mills Action Group.

Jagoes Mills Action Group (JMAG) is a local community group formed to object to the poorly proposed development of a 32-acre, 5 MW solar power-generating plant in Farrangalway, Kinsale by Green Mills Energy Ltd. Cork County Council granted planning permission to the developer on 13 October 2016, despite the objections and valid concerns of many local residents. Our next step is to lodge our appeals with An Bord Pleanála. We seek the support of the broader Kinsale and Cork communities to ensure that the appropriate attention and care is applied by the authorities in adjudicating on this matter.

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Community Concerns

Jagoes Mills Action Group

Site Suitability

The industrial-scale solar panel power plant proposed by Green Mills Energy is not in keeping with the defined character of the area. Farrangalway is a close-knit rural residential community.

Visual Impact

The visual impact of the development will permanently desecrate the landscape, not only for those living in the many homes adjacent to and overlooking the site, but for the wider community.

Increased Road Flooding

There is a strong history of flood risk at the proposed site. Jagoe’s Mills is recognised and recorded as an area with a flood quality code of 3, resulting in significant flood damage to many properties.

Health and Safety

Little consideration has been given to the health and safety of community residents and the potential risks posed by this 5MW power generating plant, including the toxicity of the materials in the solar panels.

Planning before Policy

Granting planning permission for this development and other solar panel energy plants, given the current policy vacuum relating to solar energy, is allowing opportunistic developers to thrive.

No confidence in Greenmills.

Greenmills Energy Ltd., which was only set up in February of 2016, including its Directors Patrick O’Regan, Diarmuid O’Regan, Jim O’Regan and John Kiely, has no experience of running a solar energy power plant.

How you can help!

Jagoes Mills Action Group

Jagoes Mills Action Group.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Come to a public meeting.
  • Help us spread the word in Kinsale and beyond.
  • Lobby your local and government representatives to let them know you object.
  • Lodge an observation with An Bord Pleanála.
  • Contact the farmer to express concern: Patrick Joseph Kiely, Knockrobin, Belgooly.
  • A robust appeal to An Bord Pleanála requires expert planning and legal advice.
  • Lobby your local and government representatives to let them know you object.

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